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Elevating your hospitality professionals' skillsets to your

luxury standard

Business Operations

Day-to-day management operations, including hiring and employment retention

(Certificate Program for Managers)

Talent Sourcing

Assist our industry partners by  providing hospitality-trained staff with the appropriate skillsets and the highest standard of service


Front and back of-house consultancy and training

Protocol & Etiquette

Service industry standards and adhering to diplomatic protocol


Mixology consultancy & training


Industry standards training for kitchen staff,

including in-person

Safeserve certification

To position your organization to become a strategic partner locally, nationally, and globally

Development of International Business Strategy

Enhance understanding of offerings to promote them internationally to

increase FDI

International Trade Missions

Plan and execute diplomatic and/or trade missions

Development of Export 


 Support your local business community by creating a strategic export plan

Development of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Utilize international market research to identify strategic partners based on needs and strengths

International Market Research

Conduct extensive analysis of strategic markets that will best fit your needs and strengths

International Ready Training Courses

Provide training sessions to enhance understanding of doing international business within strategic markets


"Andrés Hayes was critical in the conceptualization and execution of one of the most strategic diplomatic and trade missions for the City of Washington, DC. The trade mission to El Salvador on August 2018. Not only did it include the largest delegation of the District’s government, civic and business leaders, it featured the signing of a Sister City Agreement between San Salvador and Washington, DC. The goal was to highlight concrete results that directly benefited DC’s Salvadorian population, which is the largest in the country. Additionally, the management was successfully handled in record time as AH Consulting Firm was brought in to consult only a month and a half before the mission. The mission resulted in the completion of six deals and enriched the overall relationship between El Salvador and Washington, DC for the long-term."

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