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Consummate communicator, skilled relationship builder, and trusted advisor are just a few of the words most often used to describe Rekik Teferra Mengesha. As a skilled and proven business developer, consultant advisor, and effective customer service executive, Rekik leverages over 14 years of professional experience and expertise, delivering the highest standards of excellence in every endeavor. Rekik has built a strong and durable professional resume over the years, focusing on customer service, mentoring and training, and advanced business development insights. Most notably, Rekik has risen to the level of entrepreneur and founded a consultancy where she advised, guided, mentored and trained clients in international business endeavors. In her work with Precise Consulting, she combines her vast array of skills and established relationships into a prosperous and viable business focused on international markets across the Middle East and East Africa, specifically with construction equipment, furniture, dry food products, stationery supplies, and hotel supplies. She also expanded her resume in work as a Business Development Consultant in Dubai and East Africa. She has eagerly taken on the toughest challenges and found success through her strong work ethic, diligence in detail, and tireless desire for success. Rekik holds her master’s degree in human resource development from Emirates Aviation University, a bachelor’s degree in economics from Addis Ababa University, and a CIPD Certificate.

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