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Chef Katriel Menendez, the “Agentine Chef,” is a professional chef

with extensive training and 20 years of experience. He is

passionate about all things food and began developing his skill

set at the young age of 14.

He completed a three-year professional gastronomy program at

the Arrayanes Institute in Mendoza, Argentina, which included

several internships and competitions in other Argentine cities.

Chef Katriel has had many opportunities to grow and advance his professional career around the world, including places like Patagonia, Argentina; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Dubai, United Arab

Emirates; Dakar, Senegal; and several cities throughout the United States. In many of these destinations, Chef Katriel worked as a Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, and Chef


In 2017, Chef Katriel founded Argentine Chef in the Washington, DC area as a way to bring Argentine-inspired cuisine and fine dining to the local community through private events, exclusive dinners, and

handcrafted products. Through the brand Argentine Chef, Chef Katriel has proudly created a unique line of seasonings, Nativo Spices, and a biannual event rich in Argentine cuisine and culture called the

Argentine Feast. In 2022, Chef Katriel opened Tango Pastry by Argentine Chef, a bakery and cafe specializing in Argentine-style baked goods.

Regardless of the job title or business, Chef Katriel’s main objective is and has always has been to spread the culture and cuisine of his native country and show the world the abundance and diversity of customs,

dishes, and traditions that Argentina has to offer.

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