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Abad is the Strategic Initiatives Manager at Etihad Airways, Americas. Abad manages all Government, NGO, NPO, and State Development Agency partnerships in his current capacity and supports Abu Dhabi Inc’s business development goals.


Abad is also Managing Director for TechIPZ and Creativity Clinic, two UAE-based startups. TechIPZ advises startups and mid-market companies ready to expand, transition, and explore new opportunities. Creativity Clinic is a not-for-profit for artists, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, experts, producers & curators in the creative arts.


Before these posts, he was the senior director at the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council, overseeing over 120 US and Emirati corporates, including Etihad. His role included PR, communications, advocacy, policy writing, business development, and event planning.


Abad lives between Washington, DC, and Toronto. He holds a master’s from George Mason University in Commercial Policy, focusing on Control Risk. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in International Government Affairs.

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